Samantha and Eli's Engagement Photo Shoot at Hoboken, NJ

Samantha and Eli first met at black bear bar & grill in Hoboken. They chose this place as the starting point for their engagement photo session since it is full of positive and emotional experiences. Hoboken is also known for its cobbler stone path, a water-front view featuring breathtaking Manhattan skyline and historic Hoboken terminal. It is a great picturesque city full of photographic opportunities.  We also got some cool shots at the terminal during the rush hours.  Our clients frequently ask- “Joe, do you have any recommendation for photo shoot location?”  My answer is this-” When deciding your engagement photo session location, think of who you are, what you like, where you first met and where you frequently hang out  or what activities you like to do together.  Once you are emotionally connected with the location, you will get an awesome visual results that is totally you.  If you are a beach person, let’s splash some waves and have a few laughs.  If you like biking, let’s go for a fun ride in the farm or at the park.  The possibility is endless.”   Once again, congratulations to Samantha & Eli.  We can’t wait for your incoming wedding celebration in Aug. 2014!

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